Compounding Interestingly

Compound interest is a financial term that refers to the exponential nature of interest that compounds over time. But if you gain an intuitive understanding of the concept you can fruitfully apply it to many domains. Compound interest: Your money makes you money. Exponential growth: Your new customers get you new customers. Viral spread: Infected people infect people. Are you seeing the pattern? These all share the same exponential dynamics. The outcome of the growth becomes an agent of growth itself....

January 10, 2023

What Go Teaches Us About Compromise

The Go programming language’s design demonstrates that compromise means nobody gets everything they want. Most of my favorite (and in my view most elegant) programming language features are missing from Go, such as immutable data structures. But I don’t really need any one of those features. I just want them. And my teammates probably all have different favorite language features. One person’s perfect language can be extremely difficult for another person to work with....

January 5, 2023

Read code every day and you'll learn something.

The best way to become a better coder is to read more code. We’ll cover a wide range of coding applications, from web and mobile apps to big data, AI, and programming language design. See if there’s something that sparks your curiosity.

January 5, 2023